Your strategic learning partner

At OES we specialise in the provision of online learning services that improve experiences and outcomes for students and professional learners. For close to a decade, we have partnered with organisations to solve their online, on-campus and blended learning challenges. We offer academic expertise, leading-edge technology, expert design and data analytics, and personalised student support – all delivered through our proven model of collaboration.

Drawing on our range of learning services, we work with you to design a solution centred around your objectives.

OES solutions

Higher education

  • Translate on-campus programs to online
  • Optimise existing online units
  • Develop high-quality materials to support a blended offering
  • Deliver interactive workplace training via real-time simulations
  • Provide students with personalised, multi-channel support
  • Support student progression and retention through proactive coaching informed by powerful learning analytics.

Workplace learning

  • Build fit-for-purpose online learning tools
  • Deliver accreditation, compliance or competency training
  • Improve staff engagement and retention
  • Use simulations to train and prepare staff
  • Replace time-intensive training events with flexible, self-paced learning.

“Working with OES has ‘held up mirrors’ to our way of doing things and ultimately made Quality Assurance and resource planning less troublesome, enabled consistency within the curriculum, and has created a sustainable impact on in-house capabilities.”

Deputy Vice Chancellor,
Swinburne University of Technology

Choose from our Customised Education Solutions

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Learning Design

Best practice online learning designed in collaboration with your subject experts.

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Learning Analytics

Understand and use your data to enhance learning design and to improve student support, engagement and retention.

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Real-time scenarios prepare learners for the workplace with our leading edge Mursion technology.

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Student Support & Coaching

Create a positive relationship with every student through responsive, high-impact and personalised support.

The benefits of online learning

Online education has opened up new possibilities – for higher education, employers and industry – to offer powerful learning opportunities that attract, engage and retain students and staff, support business objectives and deliver long-term commercial value.

OES Customised Education Solutions can help you to:

  • Attract a new cohort of learners – expand and diversify your student base with an online offering.
  • Retain current students – optimise your course design and delivery, student engagement and retention.
  • Improve student outcomes– create a seamless learning and teaching experience, with data-driven interventions.
  • Stand out in the market– establish a distinctive online presence that sets you apart and ensures your programs remain competitive.
  • Improve workplace learning – invest in your staff to increase capabilities, engagement and retention.

The OES difference

Quality at scale

We deliver the experience, infrastructure and workforce capability required to realise an online portfolio at the scale you need.


We combine education expertise and innovative thinking with the latest technology to solve learning and business challenges.

Exceptional student outcomes

Our academic-led, student-centric approach to learning results in consistently high student experience ratings.

A global digital leader

As a part of the SEEK group, we bring you the insights of a global digital leader, including an unparalleled view of the skills employers are seeking.

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Learn more about how OES can tailor a Customised Education Solution that meets your business objectives.

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Tailoring our Customised Education Solutions

We will recommend and design a bespoke learning solution based on a thorough understanding of your learning and business objectives.

OES is technology agnostic, which means we will work with your organisation’s existing technology and learning management system (LMS) or help you embed new tools if required. Our goal is to deliver the most sustainable solution for your business.

Client focus
We take the time to understand your requirements and develop a fit-for-purpose solution.

Our team of learning specialists will work with your subject matter experts to ensure your vision is brought to life online.

We will work with you to establish the most appropriate approach for the development of your online programs.

We will be guided by your short and longer term strategies to futureproof your online and/or on-campus offering.

A diverse and highly qualified team

OES has a scalable team of online learning experts – all ready to collaborate with you to creatively solve your learning and business challenges. You will have access to the knowledge and expertise of our program directors, education technologists, learning designers, multimedia developers, content editors, data analysts, graphic designers, information specialists and user experience experts. Our highly qualified student advisors and success coaches specialise in authentic communication and are trained to be the empathetic, accurate and responsive ‘voice’ of your institution. We combine our unique thinking and skill sets to ensure we deliver a cohesive learning solution for every client.

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Learn more about how OES can tailor a Customised Education Solution that meets your business objectives.

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