A results-focused approach to learning analytics

Learning analytics can be used to positively impact almost every aspect of the student experience – for both online and on-campus students. Harnessing the right data insights at the right time can improve student engagement and retention, uplift course delivery and create a measurable financial return.

With almost a decade of experience, OES are experts in customised higher education data analytics. We are trusted sector specialists, known for our ability to deliver high-impact data insights and intervention tools for universities seeking to support their students and achieve key objectives.

Your data and analytics partner

  • Higher education data experts
    Harness our unmatched experience driving sector innovation; we have a proven process to get your data working for you
  • Make sense of data
    Organise data from across your organisation into a single-view student dashboard
  • Actionable insights
    Use your data to improve student engagement, satisfaction and retention
  • Best practice
    Our suite of analytics services can set your institution up for long-term success
  • Unique tools
    Use our purpose-built engagement tool to transform data into high-impact student support.

“Over the past 10 years we have developed unique and innovative capabilities to use data and analytics techniques – combined with interventions – to drive acquisition, retention and progression for our partners.”

Sacha Nouwens
OES Executive Director, Student Experience and Insights

How can you benefit from our Customised Learning Analytics?

Data insights

Uncover the most valuable information buried within your data. Turn raw data sets into meaningful, metric-driven, actionable insights.

Student retention

Improve student outcomes with data-driven insights and interventions. Optimise progression, retention and completion.

Course delivery

Use data to determine the most effective course design and unit structures.


Set up for success with a long-term analytics strategy and the best tools for the task.


Unlock insights to shape the direction and success of your department or entire institution.

Financial return

Support student retention to drive increased revenue.


Leverage OES’ experience and sector knowledge to generate and act on data insights quickly.

Empower staff

Equip teachers and staff with relevant insights to facilitate more meaningful interactions.

The power of Customised Learning Analytics

Through our Customised Learning Analytics service, OES can help you achieve your course quality and student retention objectives – with online or on-campus student cohorts.

With close to a decade of end-to-end collaboration with numerous higher education partners, OES has a unique view of learning analytics and how data insights can be strategically used to improve every aspect of the student experience.

  • Identify – we can help identify and make sense of your available data, regardless of your technology ecosystem
  • Interpret – our skilled analytics teams can generate the most valuable predictive and descriptive insights from your existing data sources
  • Insights – we’ll bring your data together using dashboards that show you, at a glance, where improvements can be made
  • Action – informed by robust data analysis, we will deliver actionable recommendations to improve teaching and learning practices.

Your Learning Analytics partner

At OES we combine our deep expertise in learning analytics with a truly collaborative approach. We know that every institution and department is different, from the way you collect and manage your data to the business objectives that matter most.

We customise learning analytics solutions for:

University and faculty leaders

Gain access to insights that can robustly inform decision-making, including retention, progression, course effectiveness and student success

Academic teaching teams

Give your online or on-campus teams powerful insights into their students

Student support and wellbeing teams

Gain the insights you need to proactively identify and reach out to students at risk

Course planners

Use data to determine the most effective program structures to enable learner progression

Data and analytics teams

Build capability and achieve insights into how to simplify and structure data

Learning designers

Our proven approach to using data can help you design and re-design courses and modules to ensure optimal learning experiences


Empower your students to optimise their learning journey through data-led insights

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Learn more about how OES can tailor a Customised Learning Analytics Solution that meets your business objectives.

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The OES difference

OES has experience, knowledge and capability to help you utilise and optimise your student data. Over the past decade, we have developed unique and innovative capabilities to use data and analytics techniques – combined with interventions – to drive acquisition, retention and progression for our higher education clients.


A proven team providing meaningful learner insights to increase engagement, satisfaction and retention.


We develop and deploy the latest tools, approaches and resources dedicated to improving accuracy of insights and informing retention initiatives.

Speed to insights

Experience and understanding of learning analytics in higher education contexts means we know where to look and how to generate insights fast.


Consistently high SES ratings – including 89% for overall learner satisfaction – driven by our commitment to continuously improve student outcomes.


Dedicated student success and retention teams who work collaboratively to derive insights from a multitude of platforms.

Sector knowledge

We have been innovating in the higher education sector for almost a decade. Our processes and strategies can complement and enhance your existing activities.

Action data insights with our bespoke tool

Our purpose-built engagement tool can help you identify ‘at-risk’ students. Embedded within your Learning Management System, our tool can provide multi-channel support to encourage student completion and success.

Find out more about this market-leading tool and how it could be used to achieve your student retention goals. Contact us

Leverage our customised trackers to help your institution thrive

Our dashboards can help you easily track various aspects of engagement.

Course health tracker

Monitor course performance by teacher, faculty and time periods, while also embedding and tracking qualitative satisfaction by course and unit.

Engagement tracker

Monitor individual student engagement via key indicators and support your faculty to identify patterns informed by predictive modelling.

Learning design tracker

Monitor how students are interacting in a specific unit and use insights to inform continual improvement.

Event tracker

Monitor and track student behaviour to identify which events are most crucial to engagement and retention.

Highly qualified learning analytics experts

OES has scalable team of online learning specialists, who will work with you to realise your goals using learning analytics. Our collaborative team includes a large number of highly qualified and specialised staff with a wealth of education and learning analytics experience. Our team includes skilled:

Specialist big data roles

  • Infrastructure Engineers
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Managers
  • Data Quality Specialists
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Business Intelligence
  • Developers

Complemented by a well-rounded team that can turn insights into action

  • Learning Design Analytics Consultant
  • Psychology and Education Researchers
  • Business Analysts
  • Delivery Managers

Combine Analytics with our other Customised Solutions

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Learning Design

Best practice online learning designed in collaboration with your subject experts.

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Real-time scenarios prepare learners for the workplace with our leading edge Mursion technology.

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Student Support & Coaching

Create a positive relationship with every student through responsive, high-impact and personalised support.

Case study: Swinburne Online

Swinburne Online has delivered online learning for more than 50,000 students, most of whom are mature age and studying part-time. OES worked with Swinburne Online to understand and meet the needs of this cohort, in order to ensure high student retention.

We integrated and analysed data from across the Swinburne Online eco-system, developed automated trackers to monitor student engagement, built a machine learning model to identify students at risk of dropping out and developed recommendations that enabled student advisors and teaching staff to take action in the right way, at the right time.

The result? A 5% improvement in retention of commencing students into their second year of study.

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Learn more about how OES can tailor a Customised Learning Analytics Solution that meets your business objectives.

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