Reimagine learning with the online experts

OES can partner with you to achieve organisation objectives through Customised Learning Design. We can guide you through the transition to online education or help you uplift and optimise existing online units.

From a full university portfolio to customised workplace training, we design online programs at the scale you need.


  • Best practice – high quality learning design for online, on-campus and blended environments
  • Innovation – the latest technology and approaches for teaching, learning and student experience
  • In safe hands – over 2,000 online units developed across multiple disciplines in Australia, NZ and the UK
  • Respectful collaboration – cultivating trusted relationships across your team; working flexibly with academic and industry subject experts.

“The quality of communications and collaboration between our academic team and OES’ curriculum developers has been exceptional. That’s at the heart of it – collaboration.”

Associate Professor, John Banks,
Queensland University of Technology

A tailored solution, designed around your needs

As with all our Customised Education Solutions, OES Learning Design starts with our team understanding your requirements and recommending a solution focused on your objectives. From here, we will creatively build your academic and industry expertise into high quality, engaging online experiences.

Higher education

For university and training partners, we are experts in:

  • Translating on-campus programs to online
  • Optimising existing online units
  • Developing high-quality materials to support a blended offering
  • Embedding a full technology solution, or
  • Enhancing your existing tools and LMS.


Employers & industry

OES supports corporate, government and not-for-profit organisations by:

  • Increasing workforce capability through scalable online and blended learning solutions
  • Delivering accreditation, compliance and competency frameworks
  • Replacing time-intensive training events with flexible, self-paced learning
  • Improving staff engagement and retention through professional development
  • Tailoring a technology solution or adding value through your existing technology

A proven collaborative process

Our learning design process has been honed over almost a decade of collaboration with higher education and industry partners to create leading online programs. Our expert team will work flexibly with your subject matter experts to translate and build all learning materials for the online environment, delivering best practice learning with fit-for-purpose tools.

Our track record of innovation spans adaptive learning technologies, competency-based learning, personalised learning options, simulations, virtual reality and gamification. We have designed more than 2,000 units across over 60 programs for universities, training providers and employers in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, enabling exceptional online learning experiences for over 50,000 online students. We work across a multitude of disciplines, qualifications and learning management systems, including Canvas, Moodle and Blackboard.


Through extensive consultation with your key stakeholders and subject matter experts (SMEs), we determine the pedagogical model and prepare a course blueprint. Content curation begins.


We work in ‘sprints’ to efficiently design content for the online environment, in close collaboration with your SMEs, while accommodating their schedules.


We seek your feedback across all learning materials and design features, ensuring accuracy and integrity. OES performs its own quality assurance process, which includes a rigorous set of reviews.


Time to review and approve the high quality learning experience we have created together.

The highest quality experience for your learners


Solutions developed and delivered by world-class learning designers


A Learning Design team comprising more than 80 staff to enable scalability without compromising quality


Rated 85% for our Learning Resources and 89% for overall learner satisfaction


100% of units delivered on time for our partners

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Learn more about how OES can tailor a Customised Learning Design solution that meets your business objectives.

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A broad range of learning materials

We can produce compelling fit-for-purpose learning materials to capture and engage your learners.

Academic videos

Utilise your subject matter experts to introduce the course and unpack key concepts. Effectively connect with your learners and guide them through common stumbling blocks.

Animated videos

Explain concepts clearer with audio and visual representation, including characters, words and pictures that create meaning for students.


Use voice to guide learners through the content and tie key concepts together. Connect online students with their subject matter experts in an authentic way.


Create deeper engagement and more meaningful learning experiences by asking learners to interact with learning materials.

Extended reality

Provide online students with a virtual orientation of real environments and scenarios to build familiarity and readiness for the live event.


Support skill building in the ultimate risk-free training environment. Avatar-based technology simulates live workplace environments – ideal for practising human-interaction skills.

Immersive technologies

Deliver immersive learning experiences in dynamic virtual environments, which allow students to apply their skills and knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Assessment design

Make assessment more meaningful by encouraging a practical understanding and appreciation of real-life events or problems that enhance their authentic learning experience.

Learning Design experts

OES has a Customised Learning Design team comprising more than 80 staff to enable scalability without compromising quality.

This large team of specialists optimises all aspects of course creation or translation to an online or blended learning environment, ensuring that rigorous quality assurance is applied at every stage of the student journey.

Our Customised Learning Design team is supported by a team of learning designers, multimedia developers, education technologists, graphic designers, content editors, data analysts and user experience experts.

Combine Learning Design with our other Customised Solutions

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Learning Analytics

Understand and use your data to enhance learning design and to improve student support, engagement and retention.

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Real-time scenarios prepare learners for the workplace with our leading edge Mursion© technology.

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Student Support & Coaching

Create a positive relationship with every student through responsive, high-impact and personalised support.

Case study: Auckland Online

Auckland Online is part of the University of Auckland, one of the world’s top 100 universities (QS 2021). Leveraging our proven co-design process, OES delivered Auckland Online’s initial suite of postgraduate qualifications, as well as supporting tools to empower students to engage with the online environment.

Importantly, these initial qualifications provided the university with a best practice learning model to inform all future online approaches.

  • Selected via competitive process
  • Speed to market
  • Learning design expertise and collaboration
  • Academic excellence
  • Partnering for continued growth

The partnership between OES and Auckland Online continues to strengthen as the university scales its program offering.


Read more about our Customised Learning Design partnership with Auckland Online.

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Learn more about how OES can tailor a Customised Learning Design solution that meets your business objectives.

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