Real-time training for powerful learning

Tailored to achieve your learning objectives, with live actors driving avatar behaviour, our Customised Simulations provide the ultimate risk-free training environment – ideal for building human-interaction skills for education, healthcare and counselling, hospitality, sales, leadership and customer service.

Replicate a classroom, a clinical setting, a workplace negotiation or a customer service interaction. We partner with you to create genuine scenarios that build real-world capabilities.

Leading edge Mursion technology adapted to your university needs

OES is one of the only operators of Mursion software in the Asia Pacific region. Highly authentic virtual reality technology, Mursion can create a bespoke multi-character setting in a live environment – enabling learners to practise their skills in response to several actor-driven avatars at one time. A truly innovative solution for testing and reiterating theoretical skills during learning, with complex scenarios that would be difficult and costly to replicate in non-VR settings.

How it works

  • Authentic, life-like simulations
  • Powered by a blend of artificial intelligence and live human interaction
  • Scenarios designed to achieve students’ learning goals
  • Different learner experiences each time
  • Booking technology and student communication included

“It was very interactive, more than I expected. It reminded me to keep an eye on all students and make sure everyone was engaged and communicating.”

Pre-service teacher
Swinburne University of Technology

Read how VR technology is preparing pre-service teachers for the classroom

Set the scene to achieve your learning objectives

We offer a choice of avatars, settings, outcomes and actions. Choose a single avatar or a multi-character scenario. You may also choose to design your own scenario with a unique visual setting.


  • Pre-service teacher preparation
  • Classroom management
  • Parent-teacher interviews
  • Teaching to behaviour challenges


  • Practising bedside manner
  • Clinical reasoning
  • Counselling conversations
  • Dealing with challenging patients

Workplace learning

  • Negotiation in complex environments
  • Presentation and sales skills
  • Leadership, diversity and inclusion
  • Handling objections


  • Customer service
  • Issues resolution
  • Presentation and sales skills
  • Welcome and check-out procedures

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We can help you to improve your learning and training through customised simulations.

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Fully managed simulation services

Reduce the administrative burden of training while driving outcomes for learners and your organisation. Our Customised Simulation services include:

  • Bespoke scenario planning
  • Varied simulation session lengths
  • 5-minute session intros and outros
  • Professional actors trained to deliver your learning objectives
  • Establish booking technology
  • Learner communications before, during and after the simulation
  • Evaluation and insights through learner surveys
  • Optional debriefing sessions

Your partnership with OES

As with all our Customised Education Solutions, an OES Customised Simulations partnership starts with our team of specialists understanding your learning objectives and recommending a tailored solution.

Academic Approach

  • Simulations underpinned by a rigorous pedagogical approach, with the learner at the centre of all our recommendations.
  • Test and reiterate theoretical skills during learning, instead of waiting months to offer practical experience.
  • Evaluation services, including survey design and reporting, to enable continuous improvement, reporting and research.
  • Access to Simulations recordings for learner feedback and analysis.

A Strong and Flexible Customer Experience

  • Well-developed learner journeys, with clear processes and templates for communications.
  • Streamlined scheduling services to manage all users for you.
  • Convenient and cost effective – we’ve invested in the technology and can quickly get your Simulations up and running.

Transformational Technology

  • Experience world-leading virtual reality technology with Mursion technology.
  • Accredited and trained Simulation specialists involved in scenario design and delivery.
  • Access to an ecosystem of technology to deliver the service (e.g. scheduling).
  • Immersive mixed reality learning experiences accessible anywhere.

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Case study: Teach for Australia

200 classroom Simulations in 10 days

Teach for Australia is a non-profit organisation dedicated to developing exceptional people to teach and lead in schools serving low socioeconomic communities. In partnership with OES, Teach for Australia was able to provide essential classroom experience for pre-service teachers during COVID-19, when many placements were postponed or cancelled. Through efficient scenario design and the provision of technology to manage bookings and learner communications, we were able to deliver over 200 Simulations in 10 days.

Teach for Australia student feedback, 2020:

“Mursion went great today! My ability to discipline while teaching is getting more seamless thanks to the many techniques we’ve learned.”

“Really enjoyed being able to test out some of our classroom management techniques.”

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We can help you to improve your learning and training through customised simulations.

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