Nurturing success

Create a positive relationship with every student through responsive, high-impact support delivered at the right time, through the channels students expect.

At OES we offer a comprehensive range of inbound and outbound services – including administrative and technical support, targeted success coaching and career coaching – all tailored to the scale your institution needs.

Personalise your student support

OES Student Support & Coaching can help you to:

  • Increase progression and retention rates – coaching and support that drives student progression.
  • Improve graduate outcomes – individual career coaching and group workshops that enhance graduate outcomes and employability.
  • Engage effectively with students – quality responses delivered when and how your students need assistance.
  • Scale your services – we can adjust our teams rapidly in response to student demand or specific events.
  • Support ‘at risk’ students – use learning analytics to identify and reach out to students before they fail or withdraw.
  • Enhance reputation and rankings – become an institution of choice through students’ success and advocacy.

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Choose one service or create a holistic support program

From enrolment to course completion, OES provides a student-centric support model spanning the entire student lifecycle.

Student Advisory Support

Our tertiary-qualified Student Advisors act as a primary point of contact for new and current students through multi-channel, after-hours support 7 days a week.

  • Live web chat, phone and email support
  • Centralised support for general academic, technical, administrative and pastoral queries
  • Quality responses in line with your policies
  • Technical support for student-facing systems
  • Manage enrolments, student records and fee management
  • Access to full student history on one platform
  • Self-service capabilities via secure student portals

Student Success Coaching

Trained counsellors proactively engage with students in outreach campaigns driven by key course milestones and learning analytics.

  • Evidence-based interventions
  • Targeted campaigns to increase success and retention
  • Encourage students’ self-efficacy
  • Engage with ‘at risk’ students at the right time
  • Welcome calls to new students
  • Pre-exam coaching
  • Wellbeing and academic check-ins
  • Onboarding and study skills webinars
  • Promote support options

Helping students feel engaged, understood and connected

Across all Support & Coaching Services, OES specialises in authentic communication. Our highly qualified advisors and coaches are trained to be the empathetic, accurate and responsive ‘voice’ of your institution.

With vast expertise innovating online support in higher education, OES has a deep understanding of the student journey and evidence-based strategies to drive student success. Online, blended and on-campus students now all expect multi-channel, after hours support that enables them to maximise their study efforts. Proactive success coaching further demonstrates your institution’s genuine care for students, empowering them to achieve their learning goals while supporting your university objectives.

A proven support model

OES is the safe and trusted partner to activate support and coaching services that are crucial to reputation and business viability.

  • A proven provider of inbound support and outbound engagement.
  • The experts in using student data to drive interventions.
  • Support services underpinned by the best technology to meet your needs, including a comprehensive view of the student in one place.
  • As part of the SEEK Group, OES leverages its unique access to global job market insights.


We structure our teams to meet your needs, with clearly defined responsibilities and no duplication of effort.


OES can scale and adjust our teams rapidly in response to student demand or specific events.


Weekend and after hours support across multiple channels. The right support when students really need it.

Proactive interventions driven by data

OES is a sector leader in harnessing learning analytics to drive student success and retention rates. We can work with your existing data or help you capture the insights required to engage with students when they need extra support. This is particularly crucial for students at risk of withdrawing or failing. Our predictive and descriptive insights empower OES’ proactive coaching teams to reach out and support students to overcome learning challenges.

We have developed our evidence-based interventions over more than a decade of higher education partnerships. Our Student Success Coaches are experts in using your information to help students in a very personalised way. These campaigns can target an entire student cohort or ‘at risk’ students, in line with key unit or course milestones.

Combine Coaching & Support with our other Customised Solutions

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Real-time scenarios prepare learners for the workplace with our leading edge Mursion technology.

Case study: Skilled success coaching in action

OES Student Success Coaches are highly skilled counsellors. They deliver outbound call campaigns designed to build students’ capacity to achieve success and progression.

For our Australian higher education partner Swinburne Online, OES Student Success Coaching has supported a 5% increase in student retention.

“Interventions require great expertise. With effective questioning and thoughtful observation, our coaches can shift a student’s mentality from denial, overwhelm or blame to motivation and self-belief. A student can leave a conversation with insight into their own behaviour patterns, and a plan for success in their study.”

Tom Jepson, Manager – Student Success, Online Education Services (OES)

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