Academic excellence

OES is passionate about delivering high-quality, industry recognised education in an online environment. OES’s academic heritage means there is a deep understanding and respect for proven pedagogical models, which provides the foundation for the OES approach to online learning design and delivery.


Academic expertise

The OES team includes a large number of highly-qualified academic staff with a wealth of experience across a range of universities and disciplines. Bringing this depth of expertise to the collaborative course development process ensures academic rigour and excellence are achieved.

OES academic staff are critical in ensuring that our online courses incorporate the academic requirements of our university partners. The OES academic team works closely with partners and industry bodies to ensure robust quality assurance safeguards are in place, guaranteeing that teaching outcomes are never compromised and a superior student experience remains the key focus at all times.

Quality assurance

OES works closely with a range of external accrediting bodies to ensure all courses are industry recognised, and comply with the required standards and governance. Maintaining quality course content is a prime focus. Quantitative and qualitative feedback from students, teaching and support staff is reviewed in conjunction with user experience data to continually optimise the learning experience.

Enhancing the university reputation

OES collaborates with partners to create an online version of their university offering. Optimised for the online environment, partners can be confident that their digital offering complements and aligns with the quality and reputation of the on-campus experience.

“We are incredibly happy with the unit materials, the design approach, and the quality of the overall student experience. We appreciate your flexibility, professionalism and the way you have been able to accommodate our feedback. The knowledge and skill that the OES team has brought to the unit from my perspective as an on-campus academic has made for a highly rewarding experience.”

Feedback from a member of Swinburne’s academic staff

Professor Simon Barrie

WSU Online has been a highly productive partnership between Online Education Services and Western Sydney University. Within three years the partnership has delivered nine programs, 131 units, to 1430 students and our first cohort of students are ready to graduate. OES’s deep expertise in online education has helped inform some of our own transition to online learning as a result of COVID-19 and we look forward to continuing to learn from each other as we explore new opportunities to innovate in online and flexible learning.

Professor Simon Barrie

Deputy Vice Chancellor and Vice President (Academic), Western Sydney University