Speed to market

OES has the capability and expertise to ensure a fast and informed entry into online education. Our optimised approach is efficient and flexible, accommodating the needs of partners and responsive to the dynamic online landscape. OES works closely with partners to create a quality online offering within as little as six months.



Speed to market

Leveraging our considerable experience, OES guarantees all aspects of your online offering can be launched, scaled and managed effectively without compromising the student experience. In most instances, recruitment of students can be achieved within three months of a partner agreement being formalised and teaching can commence within six months.

Quality assurance

OES works closely with university partners to ensure their existing academic policies and brand guidelines are adhered to, and that shared goals are established upfront. This rigour, combined with our proven approach, allows OES to lead our partners more efficiently through the various stages of strategy, implementation and launch.

Seamless integration

OES has extensive experience in all the operational components and requirements across the student journey. This knowledge allows OES to create a seamless online experience that aligns to our partner’s reputation, pedagogical frameworks and existing systems.

Optimising course content for online environments

OES partners utilise the expertise and capability of the OES learning design and education technologist teams, and work with them to ensure that course content is reimagined and repurposed for an online learning environment.

With a growing team of over 50 dedicated learning design specialists, partners are able to retain focus on their on-campus teaching and research priorities knowing that their online offering will be world-class.

Minimal financial risk

OES provides online education capability and capacity, meaning partner universities do not need to invest heavily in internal resources to achieve scale and growth in this space. The bulk of set-up costs are borne by OES which is tangible evidence of the organisation’s commitment to establishing long-term, successful partnerships. OES partners benefit from the significant investments made in infrastructure and workforce capability which allow the provision of world-class, quality online learning solutions.

Professor Simon Barrie

WSU Online has been a highly productive partnership between Online Education Services and Western Sydney University. Within three years the partnership has delivered nine programs, 131 units, to 1430 students and our first cohort of students are ready to graduate. OES’s deep expertise in online education has helped inform some of our own transition to online learning as a result of COVID-19 and we look forward to continuing to learn from each other as we explore new opportunities to innovate in online and flexible learning.

Professor Simon Barrie

Deputy Vice Chancellor and Vice President (Academic), Western Sydney University