Student-centric experience

Recognising online learners are not able to access on-campus services and facilities, we replicate all aspects of the on-campus experience in a virtual environment. Our student satisfaction rating of 87% is evidence that OES has the capability to deliver a high-quality, dynamic learning experience at scale.


Augmenting the virtual classroom are a range of services which enable students to self-manage enrolment, access academic and pastoral support, seek technical assistance and more. OES continuously evolves student services to reflect the changing needs of online students, and the growing capability of technology.

Student support

Our impressive network of student support staff are able to provide general academic guidance and technical, administrative and pastoral advice. Students can access support via email, telephone or live-chat, across extended hours seven days a week.

Analytics to improve the student experience

OES employs a comprehensive set of analytics tools to measure the engagement levels of every student, including learning analytics dashboards, predictive modelling and text mining. The resulting insights are used to enhance the entire student experience and enable OES to identify students who may require extra support and proactively intervene with preventative support strategies. With a relentless attitude toward innovation and a commitment to world-class techniques, OES frequently reviews and implements new technologies to improve the student experience.

Student success

Key success metrics for OES align with our partner universities. We want students to graduate work-ready and be proud of their academic achievement. We take a whole of course approach to student management, supporting them every step of their learning journey from enrolment to graduation.

Professor Kevin Ashford-Rowe

The partnership with OES has enabled us to look at and understand what a contemporary higher education online delivery operation looks like and what it needs to do. The relationship has been a very positive and collegial experience and there is a strong sense of working with an organisation that is essentially a vendor, but that is also a partner.

Professor Kevin Ashford-Rowe

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Digital Learning), Queensland University of Technology